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Through teaching History  in our school we aim to: 

  • Fire pupils' curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world
  • Encourage thinking about how the past influences the present
  • Promote pupils’ awareness and impact of significant events which have occurred in the history of their local area of Salisbury
  • Help students develop a chronological framework for their knowledge of significant events and people
  • Foster a sense of identity and an increased understanding of pupils' own position in their own community and the world
  • Increase pupils’ understanding of equality and diversity through studying a range of significant people and their impact.
  • Develop a range of skills and abilities - particularly those related to finding out about the past, explaining what happened and what people then and now think about what happened.

 Through History we can also: 

  • Improve pupils' skills in English, Maths and Computing
  • Develop pupils' thinking and enquiry skills
  • Promote pupils' awareness and understanding of gender, cultural, spiritual, moral and political issues
  • Develop pupils as active citizens
  • Develop children’s historical vocabulary to help them communicate their knowledge and understanding

 In learning History pupils will: 

  • Use a range of sources such as visitors, the local environment, sites, photographs, portraits, artefacts, written materials, ICT based materials, data, TV / video extracts.
  • Develop their understanding of key vocabulary to help communicate their understanding.
  • Investigate significant issues about the past.
  • Work in a variety of contexts - individually, in groups, as a whole class and in cooperation with other year groups.
  • Present their knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways such as through drama, role play, debating, art, models, various writing styles / genre, collage, timelines, sketches, maps.
  • As they grow in confidence, begin to pose and investigate their own questions about the past.
  • Begin to analyse information in terms of relevance and validity.
  • Use different interpretations of people and events to begin to inform their own opinions, and back this up with evidence.


History is an inclusive subject and caters for children of all abilities.




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